A Look at Various Wart Treatments

After you have been to the doctor and been diagnosed with some kind of human pappilloma virus (HPV) disease that has caused an outbreak of warts somewhere on your body, you will eventually get around to talking about the probable treatments.

From easy creams and lotions created to shrink or eliminate the food source from warts and cause them to”die,” to other, more sophisticated chemical alternatives designed to burn them off, there are a variety of treatments available to the HPV victim today. It all depends on the location and severity of this outbreak.

Beyond the body, on the hands or the feet is the easiest type of warts to treat and, usually creams and lotions applied through the day are sufficient to make them go away. If they persist throughout the easier wart treatments, there are far more powerful chemicals available that starve the wart of blood supply, oxygen or other vital support, which will ultimately cause it to die. In addition, there are medications that fool the body’s immune system into attacking the wart itself and succeed in killing it.

If all else fails, and the location or severity of the outbreak warrants it, there’s cauterization of the warts, freezing them and ultimately removing them surgically.

At home, treatments usually begin with salicylic acid, which is readily available over the counter at your local pharmacy. This treatment is quite effective, but it can take several months to completely eliminate the offending warts, causing many to seek alternative wart treatment. Ultimately, home treatment, which can be as effective as any other sort of wart treatment, is easier, less expensive and less painful than many of the other options.

For people who do not enjoy the notion of putting anything with the word”acid” in or on their bodies, there’s the tape occlusion procedure. In this case, you merely place a bit of tape over the wart and keep it there, starving the wart of oxygen and light that it should live and grow. This is a slow but usually effective method and many men and women who have tried it have reported successful outcomes.

Finally, there’s a brand of home freezing for wart removal that ought to be investigated thoroughly before attempting. Essentially, the user takes two chemicals and sprays them holding the mix, which reaches a very low temperature temporarily, on the wart, freezing and killing it immediately. This method isn’t advised for children.