Do Not Forget the Daily Dose of Aspirin

Body fat, put simply the adipose tissue, has been lately studied as another body organ that may generate a variety of molecules very active from the biological viewpoint. The most crucial for the debate are:

  • The hormone resistin, that is associated with insulin resistance and the development of type two diabetes;
  • Cytokine proteins which are connected with inflammation.
  • Even if they’re in a healthy body condition, people who have more adipose tissue generally have higher degrees of referred to as C-reactive protein (CRP). Following recent researches, this protein can be used diagnostically to predict future cardiovascular events. This CRP is stated in liver tissue and in the walls of arteries, but resistin, the hormone connected with diabetes and insulin resistance, can stimulate production of CRP proteins. Which is interesting since it is well known that resistin is itself made by fat cells.

    The connection which could explain the bigger risk of coronary disease is quite clear: fat cells produce independently inflammatory signals that trigger cells to create CRPs, and CRPs also produce biological effects on vascular walls.

    The very good news may be the researchers discovered that aspirin and statin drugs, now popular to take care of heart diseases, effectively step down production of CRP from fat cells.