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Tumors of the Eye

Posted on October 10, 2023 by Nicholas Juarez

Tumors due to the eyeball are termed intraocular if they're confined to the eyeball. Extraocular spread and a re-appearance (termed recurrence) after definite treatment is normally a harbinger of an unhealthy reaction to therapy.

Ocular Melanoma

Melanoma, a malignant tumor due to pigment cells called melanocytes is frequently occurs in the uveal tract of the attention constituted by the iris, ciliary body and choroid.

Iris melanomas often within Caucasians as a brown nodule on the iris that deforms the pupil. Left untreated, iris melanomas have a tendency to perforate the eyeball. The Ciliary body and choroid are included in the white sclera and visible only once the pupil is widely dilated. A diffuse (mushroom or collar button shaped) mass with dilated arteries, in an individual between 40-50 years, indicate a ciliary body or choroid melanomas.

Choroidal Melanoma may be the most common of most uveal tract melanomas. An individual between 40-50 years may suddenly create a mushroom or collar button shaped mass in the choroid. This growth is really a choroidal melanoma, the most typical among all of the uveal tract melanomas.


Sometimes, a kid is taken up to a watch specialist due to a peculiar the yellow reflection from the attention. The child's eyes resemble those of a cat. This reflection is because of a malignant intraocular tumor called retinoblastoma, comes from immature retinal cells (or retinoblasts). Retinoblastomas spread to the extra-ocular tissues just like the optic nerve and brain. It could also involve the bony socket called the orbit, where in fact the eyeball is lodged.


Lymphoma, a white blood cell tumor, sometimes appears as a discrete tissue mass any place in the body, including the eye, lymph glands and the gut. Intraocular lymphoma affects the inner layers of the eyeball (retina or choroid). Lymphomas are often bilateral, affecting both eyes. Like all the lymphomas, ocular lymphomas are managed by radiotherapy, that may literally melt the tumor.