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You Could Be Causing Your Own Insomnia

Posted on March 19, 2022 by Nicholas Juarez
A lot people experience the occasional night of sleeplessness; it is when the occasional night becomes a pattern of several nights in a row that you're faced with a sleeping problem.Repeated loss of sleep affects every area of your life: The physical, the mental, and the psychological.Sleep deprivation can affect your overall daily operation and may even have an effect on your character.If your insomnia continues for a long time period it can cause difficulties in your relationships, lower your productivity, and it might lead to other health issues...

Chron's Disease

Posted on February 3, 2022 by Nicholas Juarez
Crohn's disease can be confused with other inflammatory bowel disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis, thus making it tough to diagnose.Crohn's disease can affect any part of the digestive tract, from the mouth to the anus.Crohn's disease is characterized by an inflammatory reaction throughout the whole thickness of the colon and bowel wall.This inflammation can penetrate deeply into the affected organ, causing pain and diarrhea...

Prevent Brain Injury

Posted on January 5, 2022 by Nicholas Juarez
One of the things which we often fear of getting older is the risk that they may get Alzheimer's disease, a horrible condition that destroys the brain by destroying the mind.A lot people shudder at the idea that if we get Alzheimer's, we'll lose our ability to plan and believe, or even to remember who we are.Alzheimer's is indeed a dreadful disorder of unknown origin which destroys not just the mind, it destroys lives and identities, and ravages whole families...

Top 10 Fitness Mistakes

Posted on December 26, 2021 by Nicholas Juarez
Most fitness goals include weight loss, or the decrease in fat content, in one way or another.Whether we would like to drop a couple pounds, change a clothing size, or gain muscle mass, reduction and control of our fat content is usually part of the strategy.Just because it is imperative to understand what measures to take to satisfy your individual fitness goals, it's just as important to know what not to do...

Cool Down with Hot Summer First-Aid

Posted on November 19, 2021 by Nicholas Juarez
When the temperature tops 90 and the soles of your shoes sizzle on the sidewalk, cold therapy is a necessity for summer first-aid.Whether it's ice from your freezer, a bag of frozen vegetables or a convenient commercial cold pack, ice therapy has a lot more uses than treating bruises and lumps.Here are five summer first-aid Strategies for cold therapy:Chill heat-related illnesses.During the hot summer months, heat exhaustion and heat stroke can be a problem...